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Nonajoler Kabbo

Sculpture artist Rudro (Titas Zia) leaves the city to venture where his father once assisted with aid relief for the community after a cyclone hit. He sets up a studio in the local village of Patuakhali, Barisal, creating beautiful, elegant figures, many of which depict the human body. Soon, his modern outlook is met with contempt, creating a divide between the traditional and more progressive ways of urban life.

The locals are led by a chairman and faith leader (portrayed excellently by Fazlur Rahman Babu), who feels threatened by Rudro’s creations, interpreting the artwork as a form of idolatry – an affront to the very core of Islam. The artist is again targeted as the village experiences a shortage of fish, the popular ilish (hilsa) native to South Asia. When he attempts to explain the effects of climate change, Rudro faces antagonism as superstitions come up against scientific logic. However, he has a few people on his side, like his tenant Bashar’s daughter, Tuni, and her little brother Taher   More info »

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